About Mr. Adams

Danny Adams is a talented and gifted comedian raised in the inner city of Indianapolis, Indiana.  His career began at a young age, when his parents recognized his knack to incite laughter would be a great asset to the family road act, performing in various cities throughout the Midwest.  Danny proved to be a natural, and as he continued to garner much laughter in adulthood, he received constant urgings to create a show for the masses.  This became plausible when the vision to incorporate the many ideas inspired by family performances over the years came to pass, culminating into his one-man sketch comedy show, which would pay homage to his family, “ATypical Christmas With Danny Adams.”

As a live event host and comedian, Danny continues to perform variations of his one-man show to diverse audiences at churches, schools, corporate events, and charity functions.

His latest venture has him taking his comedy and array of characters online to “Danny’s World,” a fresh, new comedy community where everyone is welcome and anything is possible.